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Behind the Scenes at District Conference

Larry in his clown disguise at the Fall Conference After the 2012 Fall Conference, I wrote in an article about seeing behind the scenes. Little did I know I had only scratched the surface. For the Spring Conference I was asked to create the photo story slide shows that would run on Saturday at breakfast,...


Results of Annual Business Meeting

At the Annual Meeting of the District Council on May 4, the following people were elected to district office: Dean Lampman District Governor Marylee Mims Lt. Governor Education and Training Cindy Hinckley Lt. Governor Marketing Division Governors: Steven Timmons Division A Cindy Jones Division B Jamie Pickering Division C Gary Lee Webb Division D Robi...


Meet Your New Leadership Team

Saturday evening, May 4, at the District 25 Spring Conference, the newly elected officers were installed by International Director David McCallister. Bonne, Dean, Marylee and Cindy Leading the team is District Governor-Elect Dean Lampman, DTM. Dean’s current title is Lt. Governor Education and Training. He has also served as Contest Quality Chair and Area 62...


Earrings of Leadership

Last August when I accepted the opportunity to serve as Spring Conference Chairman, I knew that I would experience some pain along the way. Having served in many different officer roles within my club, I felt that I was a good leader but I wondered if I could encourage, inspire and motivate a group of...


The Stars Did Shine at the District Contests

Oh my lucky stars! The events at the Friday night contest transcend all logic and reason as the conference attendees were beamed into outer space, with a star studded cast of Star Fleet officers and a host of alien guests. The evening Contest Toastmaster was Star Fleet’s stoic Vulcan, Commander “Tuvok”, also known as Ogewu...


We Were Wowed!

Our keynote speakers at the Spring Conference wowed us! If you would like to know more about our terrific speakers, here is a list of their websites for you to learn more about them, share these fantastic speakers with others, or even to send a thank you message for coming to our conference. Wally Funk...

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