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Larry in his clown disguise
at the Fall Conference

After the 2012 Fall Conference, I wrote in an article about seeing behind the scenes. Little did I know I had only scratched the surface. For the Spring Conference I was asked to create the photo story slide shows that would run on Saturday at breakfast, lunch and prior to the DTM ceremony.

Although my job was on the day of the conference, I attended the conference committee meetings. That showed me all the hard work that goes into this event. And working behind the screen gave me a great appreciation for the PowerPoint slides that Maria Smith put together and the photo story I worked on, but most especially for Jon Stricklan. If you were there, you heard him sing the National Anthem and you heard his work as the soundman.

I had met Jon at previous conferences but being behind the curtain this year I saw the difference a great soundman makes. I heard many requests for music coming at Jon, from specific music and general requests, to a vague “just play something” for the DTM ceremony. The right music at the right time just seemed to flow perfectly.

The people behind the scenes like Jon get forgotten unless something goes wrong. And after this weekend, I am glad things went as well as they did and the majority of the people remember me as someone they happened to bump into at the conference.

There are lots of opportunities to help at the next District Conference. All it takes is letting someone on the District team know you are interested in helping, and if you have any special talents that could be put to use. Even if you’re not super creative, there is always a spot that could use the abilities that you do have.

Larry Harmon
Area 24 Governor
Connection Communicators #771978