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Toastmasters: What’s the Inside Story?

Toastmasters helps members become the speakers and leaders they want to be. These Toastmasters describe its real-life benefits for them by telling their stories. Kathy Bergs Sheila Richards Sara Boepple Amelinda Salas Bonnie Crawford Gary Samuelson Karen Hagar Jodie Sanders Cindy Jones Jennifer Sands Chuck Mencke Larry Vance Rachele Williams


Focusing on the Goal

Jodie Sanders, DTMAfterburners ClubFort Worth, Texas When I first joined Toastmasters, I didn’t have a clear goal in mind. I was often guided by mentors who saw the way to go more clearly than I did.Putting things in focus: Now, I know why I’m a Toastmaster — what I want to get out of it,...


Better Communicator

Chuck Mencke, DTM Out on the Town Club Fort Worth, Texas I felt I severely lacked listening skills in my management duties. Communication the key:  Joining Toastmasters and “working” the program not only taught me to be a better listener but also a much better communicator. I decided that I didn’t need Toastmasters, I had...


Better Listener

Karen Hagar, DTM Fighter Enterprise Fort Worth, Texas I purposefully put myself in situations where conversations are taking place where I am not the person sharing the information. Better Communicator:  Being a good listener is a key component for being a better communicator. You have the opportunity to persuade members to pursue leadership for themselves...



Sara Boepple, DTM Speakers Exchange Fort Worth, Texas Because of the training I’ve received in Toastmasters, I offered to assist with marketing and website updates for a local writers group. Training really is the key. Toastmasters gives us excellent training for leadership in outside community organizations. “Toastmasters really is ‘Where leaders are made.’ ”


Weight Loss

Speeches I heard other Toastmasters deliver regarding their quest for physical fitness helped me lose weight. Valuable Information:  Toastmasters provides not only the chance to improve one’s own speaking skills, but also the opportunity to learn valuable, practical information. Things like confidence, setting goals, being motivated, measuring progress, persevering. “Whatever your goal is, communication or...



Bonnie Crawford, DTM Fort Worth Project Management Fort Worth, Texas Sabre Classic Southlake, Texas It’s one thing to talk about the light from within and how we become the speakers and leaders we want to be. Oneness:  The skills that we take away as Toastmasters we begin to feel strength, vibrant and a new life....


Being Thankful

Rachele Williams, ACB/ALB Tarrant County Toastmasters Fort Worth, Texas I originally joined Toastmasters so that I could learn how to be a Mistress of Ceremonies. After being in Toastmasters for the last two years, I felt confident that I could perform this task. Fearless:  I have become a better leader because I no longer fear...


Seeing Is Believing

Amelinda Salas, DTM Denton Toastmasters Denton, Texas Participating in this organization helped me see that every member has the potential to lead and that I should step up and out into leadership. Better Speaker:  I am able to think and speak more clearly because of training from Toastmasters. “I joined my first Toastmasters club at...


Shy No More!

Jennifer Sands, ACB/ALB Denton Toastmasters Denton, Texas Before I joined Toastmasters, I was so shy; I didn’t know how to meet people and make friends. Then I found Toastmasters! Growth in Leadership:  Toastmasters has done a great deal for me. In my experience, the leadership track has given me the most growth. Toastmasters is the...

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