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Distinguished Toastmasters All!

Saturday evening 21 Toastmasters were welcomed into the ranks of Distinguished Toastmasters. Congratulations! Felicia L. Christian Carey L. Miller Amelinda Salas Lisa M. Corbett Larry Nickerson Jodie Sanders Oliver Cozby Susanne Nickerson Tracy Speyer Denni Cravins Jamie Pickering Robert Stoick Jacqulyn Hudgins Tom Pierce Maurice Taitt Robi Ley Karen Platts Steven Timmons Jerry McAdams Mark...


First Timers’ Warm Welcome

When I joined Toastmasters in January of 2013 it was the right time due to something that had occurred in my life. Toastmasters, for me, has been the ointment that has helped heal up a wound. In spring of 2013, I attended my first conference as a Toastmaster. Many people thought I was a Toastmaster...


1st-Timer “Gets On board”

As a new member of Toastmasters International, I decided to “Get on Board” and get exposure to the broader Toastmasters community that’s available to members like me. I was encouraged by my mentor and club officers to attend, and they took every advantage to fully submerge me in the experience. From carrying the banner for...


Learning While Having Fun!

The keynote speakers were very good. I especially liked Claire Billingsley and Jim Key. Jim Key Claire Billingsley and Gary Samuelson I liked and learned from the two education sessions I attended given by Steve Hansen and David Hill. I was also able to spend some time with a first timer and new DTM. Each...


Everyone Was On Board!

Friday night’s Speech Evaluation Contest, WOW; it was obvious that the contestants as well as the test speaker “Packed Their Bags”! Our Toastmaster for the Speech Evaluation Contest, Travis Farral of Energizers Toastmasters Club, started our contest off in great form by briefing the crowd and then welcoming our Test Speaker to the stage so...


Glad I “Got on Board”!

The Fall 2013 district conference is now a part of history.  I hope you were one of the passengers who participated  in the conference. The weekend provided me with many wonderful memories to add to the “patchwork” quilt of my Toastmaster Journey.  I am glad I “Got on Board”.  The more eager one is to...


Awards Luncheon Winners

Saturday, November 16, 2013What can we say?  If you were not there, you missed a great event! District 25 received hundreds of nominations for our Outstanding Officers for the period of January – June 2013. Thanks to the members on the Outstanding Officer Awards Committee for spending a great many hours reviewing the nominations. Time...


One Volunteer – Two Exciting Conference Roles

Susan Gardner, Chuck Mencke, and Jim Key I’m home relaxing after another fun and successful District 25 conference! Charles Roy Mencke, Conference Chair, led a fabulous team. I took on two exciting and challenging roles – being Jim Key’s educational session assistant Saturday morning and the DTM Ceremony Chair Saturday evening. Working with Jim Key...


How to Have the BEST Conference Experience!

Suggestions are from Hope Hill, Las Colinas Communicators. More conference information here. Suggestion: Why: Early Registration Allow committee to properly plan for meals, seats, and hand-outs; without waste of over-stocking. Room Reservation Members enjoy conference more being on-site among other TMs. Relax in room when tired; no traveling after long day when tired; easier to...

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