July Club Reporter – Clearly Speaking: Small But Mighty

July Club Reporter – Clearly Speaking: Small But Mighty

by JILL MORRISON, DTM #clubreporter


Inaugurating the year as the club reporter, I had the opportunity to visit Clearly Speaking in Abilene without leaving my home. Isn’t Zoom handy?

I was warmly greeted, and the phrase “Small doesn’t mean insignificant. Small can be mighty.” came to mind. While only eight members were able to attend, I was impressed with the quality of the meeting and how mighty the members were. They represent a variety of cultures such as the Japanese, Spanish and English. One member also romanced us with tales of travel with her husband to places like Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, and France.

Clearly Speaking is fortunate to also have an impressive resident paleontologist, Jo Helen Cox. She gave an educational and enthralling speech about fossils found on her ranch and the ensuing archeological dig her family participated in. She gave us a wealth of information about different kinds of fossils they found and how she got in touch with several renowned paleontologists to identify what they were.

As this was a small meeting, there was only one prepared speech, but unlike a lot of meetings I’ve attended, the members were prepared with lots of table topics, regaling us with tales of past memories.  Participants had an opportunity to use the word of the day “sweltering” during a second and impromptu WOD table topics session.

If you are in the market to visit a new club, this small but mighty club can turn your sweltering summer day into a memorable visit.