Do You Have a Returning Member?

Do You Have a Returning Member?

by Greg Pick

Have you experienced the feeling when a song plays and your mind hearkens back to fond memories and good times? [Insert Trisha Yearwood’s sultry voice singing The Song Remembers When.] Pathways can work similarly.

We have two types of returning members:

  • members who started but didn’t complete the traditional program
  • members who began their path but didn’t complete it

Here are some tips to help returning members better engage with Pathways, including a few navigation tips to complete both a project and a level.

Traditional Program Members

Members who started but didn’t complete the traditional program return as Reinstated. Reinstated members get the choice of their first path for free unless they already received a free path before their absence. In that case, their path will already be available in their Pathways Curriculum.

They may require assistance selecting their path and navigating Pathways. However, they will likely be familiar with basic meetings and how to participate in Toastmasters.

Pathways Enrolled Members

Members who started with Pathways Learning Experience will be able to access their paths and progress (Education Transcript) right where they left off. [Cue The Song Remembers When.]

Completing a Project and Completing a Level

Navigating around base camp and in a project isn’t challenging, but some steps must be taken to show completion of projects and levels.  Below are quick tips for completing a project and completing a level.

Each project begins and ends with a self-assessment. At the start of the project, each member should have completed the Assess Your Skills – Before activity.

Upon completing a project, they must answer the questions on the Assess Your Skills – After AND select the submit button that appears when you answer the last question. This action ensures that the system records the project as complete. A feedback window opens and a check appears over the monitor for the project.

Each level has a Level Completion section with a project button that appears after a member completes the minimum number of projects for that level. When the button appears, a member must select Activate, Launch, and Mark Complete to begin the approval process. When Mark Complete is selected, an email is sent to Base Camp Manager(s). Upon verification — per club practices — that the work is complete, the member will receive a Level Completion email.

Approval is only part of the equation. A Base Camp Manager must also submit the award in Club Central before that particular award is in fact given to the member and recognized by Toastmasters International.