Outstanding Member – July

Outstanding Member – July

by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director

Donna Young officially served as the Recognition Chair for 2020-2021. In May, she was elected Division A Director by the members of D25. This month she’s pulling double duty as she tallies the final numbers for the 20-21 year of incentives and education awards leading up to and planning the Awards Banquet while supporting her Area Directors as they begin a new journey in leadership.

She goes above and beyond to help other members achieve their Toastmaster goals and has fun in the process. She doesn’t just take on a role during a club meeting, she OWNS the role. She provides valuable feedback during the evaluation sessions and creates fun themes for the meetings she attends. Regardless of whether she is a member in the club or not, she takes every role seriously, always giving 110%.

If you were a winner in an area contest and received a trophy, you have Donna to thank. That’s right, not only did she coordinate getting all of the trophies, but she helped deliver them to the Area Directors as well.

You will find Donna at club meetings in which she isn’t a member, and in the same week, promoting different clubs on the D25 Bulletin Board to encourage visitors to attend.

Donna is not just about helping the clubs in which she is on the membership roster, but helping all clubs — all Toastmasters — achieve excellence! She recently walked a candidate through every question on the DTM application, to ensure all the t’s were crossed and the i’s dotted so he would get his DTM submitted on time with no paperwork problems.

Thank you, Donna, for your contributions to all the clubs you assist on a daily basis in official roles and also in unofficial roles. Thank you for NOT being all about the numbers, but knowing how to reach people where they are, by their rules, to help them achieve greatness!

On behalf of the Trio, congratulations on earning Outstanding Member for July!