Servant’s (Volunteer) Heart

Servant’s (Volunteer) Heart

By Alex Conrad, DTM

Do you have a servant’s heart? The type that will help people in many ways and ask for nothing in return? Do you know someone who helps out where help is needed? Are you that person? If so, we need YOU, November 13th, at the 2021 Summit.

Toastmasters International is a volunteer organization. DUH. None of us are paid to be here, and actually, we pay to be here. Are you willing to have an open mind and do the work asked of you?

We learn as we grow. Are you willing to grow as a person, communicator, and leader? When a member steps out of their club and attends other events in the district, that’s when growth sprouts exponentially. By going to functions outside the club you get to know other Toastmasters and potentially make lifetime friends. You learn what it takes to become a leader and what makes other members grow.

When was the last time you volunteered to help out an organization? How did it make you feel? It makes me feel like I’ve given back to the greater good. In this case, it makes me feel fantastic because what this organization has given and taught me is immeasurable. My dues covered the cost to teach me the basic fundamentals of communication and leadership, but being a part of this group taught me so much more. By volunteering in TM, I’ve learned the value of working and communicating with other people. I’ve learned what I’m capable of doing for others as well as for myself. What will you learn from the experience of volunteering at this year’s Be Inspired to Empower Yourself to SOAR?

Our Past International President, Helen Blanchard, once said, “If you get out of Toastmasters all there is to get out of Toastmasters, you’ll never get out of Toastmasters.”

My question to you, fellow Toastmasters, is what can you do to inspire others to attend and volunteer at the 2021 Summit? There are a plethora of opportunities to fulfill your servant’s (volunteer) heart. Please go to for a short list of necessary proficiencies. Fill out the form at the bottom, and you’re in.

We’ll see YOU at the 2021 Summit!