Retain Clubs – You can Help! Get Your Club Name in Lights…

Retain Clubs – You can Help!  Get Your Club Name in Lights…

By Marcheta Gardner, DTM, Club Growth Director

In this unprecedented year (well 2020 portion), we are pulling out all the stops to retain our clubs!  We have coaches and Helping Hands available to immediately assist in strengthening clubs through meetings, conversations, and participation in club meetings.  Our goal is to place coaches in 5 clubs over the month of February… will it be your club?

If you have 12 or fewer members, YOUR Club is “eligible” for a coach.  It’s a simple ask… send a note to and/or   Our Club Growth Retention Team is sitting on the edge of their seats to facilitate one, two… three or more members.  Most of all, it will take healthy clubs for us all to be a success… for our District to be a success.

For clubs that want a “shot in the arm”… a boost to your meetings, we have Helping Hands!  There is no requirement for number of members just a desire to have a healthier club.  Helping Hands is 2 or more experienced Toastmasters that will attend/participate in four successive club meetings to demonstrate evaluations, speeches, table topics, etc.  Helping Hands team and the club will determine success factors and expectations upon engagement.  Any takers?

Be one of the “first five” clubs to ask for and obtain a coach or Helping hands and receive special recognition… want to know what the recognition will be?  Must enter to win… LOL!  In all sincerity, let’s help each other be successful.