MidYear Training Experience – Trio

MidYear Training Experience – Trio

By Marcheta Gardner, DTM, Club Growth Director


Coming into the Trio and District Leadership as Club Growth Director, I was very much looking forward to the “storied” trip past leaders shared about Mid-Year Training.  And then the shoe dropped… the in-person training was cancelled.  Wellllll, how exciting can virtual training be?

I was surprised and refreshed as the training was done in an interactive way!  There was walk on music before the session started – got us jamming, dancing, and singing 70’s and 80’s songs (Donna Summer, Michael Jackson and the like)!  Fortunately, I did the pre work (well most of it anyway), so I had a clue as to what we’d be doing.  The interesting and exciting thing was when everyone shared their perspective.  I learned about many Districts, how they operate and some tips and tricks that we may leverage in D25… stay tuned!

One session that stood out was the beach ball and how people see different sides.  Basically, if you’re holding a multi-colored beach ball, you see three colors, and the person in front of you, sees three different colors.  Beauty of this is, everyone brings a different perspective to the table that should be considered.  Lean in and listen to what others are saying… don’t be thinking about your response while the person in front of you is still talking.  Give your undivided attention.  Your relationships will be richer, because you’re present, in the moment.

Hope this helps and gives a little insight… the training helped me.