Club Leads: One, Two & Three… Pass the Baton

Club Leads:  One, Two & Three… Pass the Baton

By Marcheta Gardner, DTM, Club Growth Director

Have you ever wondered why some people always have exciting stories to tell… and they tell them… to whomever… wherever they go!  Know someone like that?!  Experienced someone that is always talking about some deal, or some fashion, or some organization they’re in… (wink wink)?!

Well, the D25 Club Growth Team is dubbing each and every one of you as evangelists for New Clubs!   Say what?  YES… Each and Every One of YOU!  It’s as simple and straight forward as asking… how do you like your coffee/tea?  Ok, maybe not that simple, however, each of us has experienced some things in Toastmasters that thrilled us, showed us how SUCCESSFUL we ARE and we couldn’t wait to share it!

That’s our ask… SHARE IT!  SHARE your experience about Toastmasters!  So many people are wondering what to do next.  How will they take the next step to living their best life?  We have the secret sauce… say it with me now… D25 TOASTMASTERS!!!

To share a club lead, please go to New Club Lead Form Submission – D25 Toastmasters on the website.  Our future members and clubs will thank you!  In addition, get yourself in the Pass the Baton Drawing for oodles of TI Bucks!  Bring in those club leads… talk to your neighbors at the grocery store, at the bank.. VIA ZOOM “anytime!”  A qualified lead consists of 1) contact name, 2) contact number and 3) verification a company or organization has expressed interest in a NEW Toastmasters club.  SHARE TOASTMASTERS… It’s One… Two… Three!