Volunteering at TLI is rewarding

Volunteering at TLI is rewarding

-By Ernestina Pinones

I volunteered to help at the TLI held at Stacey’s Furniture and Texas Wesleyan University. It was a “Golden” opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with old friends.  As I saw attendees enjoying the breakfast treats, the lunches, and the beverages, I was proud to have helped a little in refilling the treats.

When I arrived, the other volunteers had already set up tables, set out food, put out signs, and did the background work that makes training a pleasant experience.  Without morning coffee and treats, it would be hard to fully focus on the training – am I right?  I am happy to report that everyone was polite, and patiently waited their turn in getting those tasty treats.

Setting up Food Stations is NOT an easy task.  Not only did the volunteers plan and prepare the menu, they also set up tables and registration information.  They stay from the beginning of training to the end of it.  They take down all the tables and put everything back in order.  It is a lot of hours.  These volunteers should be commended for staying so pleasant and still be able to smile at the end of the day.

Thank you Tammy, for choosing such great helpers.  I especially want to thank Kimberly McBrayer, Hospitality Chair, her fiancé Eric Donahue, Mary Giordano at Registration, and her husband John.  Part of this team were 3 hard-working young persons: Dynisha Henry, Tyrus Henry, and David Kasterke.  They all were SUPER and made my volunteer duty easy and fun.

May I also mention the other TLI volunteers?  Waco: Louisa Whitehead, Bert Yow, Raymond Harper, Gwendalyn Webb.  IBM: Tyler Huffman, Mr. Cooper, Joyce Trimble, Singing Oaks Church of Christ – Roselyn; Gary Samuelson.  In Abilene: Dennis Regan.  All present are TLI Gold!

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