• By Joyce Trimble, DTM

Cambridge English Dictionary defines celebrating as taking part in a special enjoyable activity to show that a particular occasion is important.   The word is further defined as meaning solemn.

Celebrating can also be defined as the Annual D25 Awards Banquet on August 11.  We honored each of you – attempting to make you feel special.  We made every effort to look our best and enjoy a festivity of TM family time at a sit-down meal together.

While the roasting of our Immediate Past Division Director was anything but solemn, the video of his years of service was emotional and I am pretty sure I saw someone on stage fighting off tears.

I am confident that Laura Stewart, Bobby Madera, Charlie Bowles and Allan Pickering join me in saying the receipt of a District Director Award was overwhelmingly solemn and emotional.   I think we need more practice at giving Table Topics while trying not to cry.

Back to non-solemn events of our Celebrating together.  We clapped and cheered at the announcement of each step we took this year; and there were many.   Mostly, each of us enjoyed being together, having fun and relaxing while Celebrating…Our Steps

Thank you again to all who helped prepare for this particular occasion.  For those who came, Thank you for your support and attendance.

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Joyce Trimble, DTM
Awards Banquet Chair