Let the Journey Continue

Let the Journey Continue

by Robi Ley, DTM

District 25 Director

Happy New Year! We have arrived, and the year ahead looks exciting and filled with new challenges. No, this isn’t an out of date article. It is a new year – a new Toastmasters year. There are familiar faces in new roles, new faces popping up at your club meetings, and new education levels to earn. This is a year of lots of “new.” Change is in the air.

Don’t stop reading just because I used that awful “C” word; change. Change is something that happens all the time – embrace it. The beautiful thing about change is it doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can change one thing at a time. Only one. One is simple.
Simple, but with enormous benefits. Our mission here in District 25 is to build new clubs and help all clubs experience excellence. We will do that by taking new directions and looking for new destinations. A new direction doesn’t mean a full turn. It can be as simple as taking a different exit on the way home. One before or after your normal exit will take you to a new place. You’ll see something you don’t normally see. Easy, right? Yes, it is.

One change. Do one thing differently. Take on that officer role you’ve avoided. Take on any officer role. Write that speech that speaks from your heart. Take your Pathways assessment. Speak to someone you don’t know yet. Join a second club. One small change at the beginning of this new Toastmasters year can reap rewards beyond your imagining by this time next year. One new direction. One new destination.

Happy New Year. Where are you going now?