Pathways – Choosing a Path and Logging into the Website

Pathways – Choosing a Path and Logging into the Website

by Greg Pick, DTM

Research the Path 

There are ten paths in Pathways.  Do you have questions about what path to select?  We have the aids to assist you.  I recommend that you begin on the Pathways page on the District 25 website.   We have a single file with short descriptions and a list of every project in each level for each of the paths.  Paths and core competencies document    If you still need more detail then we have links on our Pathways page to resources that describe the projects on each level for each path.  The links are in the box titled “Helpful Information from District 4.”

Login to the website and take the assessment

Whatever depth of research you choose the next step is to login to Toastmasters International as a member and go to Basecamp.  A step-by-step aid that instructs us how to login is located on our website at the link Pathways Base Camp Fast Start (PDF version).

When you complete the assessment, you will be given three recommended paths for you to choose one.  If you do not like any of those, you can choose a different path.  Members get their first path free.  Each additional path can be purchased for $20.

This is an exciting time to be a Toastmaster!