The Service Journey

My service journey with Toastmasters began May 2016 with GM Financial Toastmasters.

My initial goals were to improve my overall speaking skills, polish my professional presentations, and overcome the all so familiar crutch or filler words in my speeches. In addition, I wanted to learn how to better navigate through the difficult discussions we sometimes have at work: disagreements, strong opinions, asking for that raise. After my first year, I have become a much better speaker and have achieved my Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership Awards. Through those achievements I have received something more valuable – knowing the importance of service to others.

For me the service journey means

As we advance in our skills and help our fellow Toastmasters to advance in their skills, we are impacting the global circle of our lives. We become an example of how through service we can improve each other’s future. We become more aware of what others are saying, which means being more present. Also, as we practice giving and receiving feedback, we help each other become better communicators in our work, communities, schools, churches, and for those causes were are passionate about. And finally, as we become more confident in our communication with others, we can engage in a level that opens us all up to new experiences and opportunities to serve. From there, we begin to branch out and volunteer for local area events. And as we continue to grow by serving others, others begin to take notice and now they want to serve.

What can I say, it has been a wonderful contagious experience. Come, take the journey with me~

Jennifer Tidmore
2017-2018 Vice-President of Public Relations
GM Financial Toastmasters -#2380794