Take Your Team to Training!

District 25 believes in the old saying “the team that trains together, works well together.”

OK, maybe that saying isn’t very old, but it’s true!

Our TLI General Sessions are designed to benefit club teams, officers from the same club, attending and sitting together. (Yes, you could take notes and report back, but it’s not the same as when everyone hears the same thing at the same time and can participate in team discussion.)

At this summer’s officer trainings, we have a special incentive for your officer team to attend training together.

If four or more officers from your club attend on the SAME training date, each will receive a FREE Competent Leadership manual!

Did I hear you say you don’t need a CL manual?

  • If you have finished your CL, start another one for next year’s DCP goals.
  • Pass it on to another member who needs it.
  • Put it in your club’s supplies, to be available when needed. (A single CL manual costs $8, so this will save club funds.)
Already signed up for training and want to change your date? Just send a note to events@d25toastmasters.org. Then register again on the TLI page for the date you want.

Another little bonus: Every officer who attends training will get the desirable and popular “Ask Me About Toastmasters” button!




by Jodie Sanders