Brink’s Demo Is a Jewel of a Meeting

District 25’s Marketing Team presented one of their solid-gold demo meetings at Brink’s U.S. headquarters in Coppell on Friday, Oct 11th.

Nineteen potential Brink’s Toastmasters attended the meeting led by Club Extension Chair Michael Sheridan.

Michael Weinmann, a member of the Off the Cuff club and a Brink’s employee, arranged for the meeting and gave the Ice Breaker speech. Kathryn Burkhart of the Michael’s Craft Masters club gave the Advanced speech.

Three Brink’s employees did not hesitate to step up for Timer and to answer the Table Topics questions in great style.


Also assisting with meeting roles were Ted Martin of Keller Communicators, Lt. Governor Marketing Cindy Hinckley, District Governor Dean Lampman, and Public Relations Officer Jodie Sanders.

All the Brink’s folks were friendly, enthusiastic, and asked lots of questions. We expect them to join District 25 very soon, and you can take that prediction to the bank.

Jodie Sanders
Public Relations Officer





By Cindy Hinckley