Build a House Without a Blueprint?

Build a House Without a Blueprint?

by Robi Ley DTM 2018-2019 District Director

Really? Would you really try to build a house without a blueprint? What do you think the result would be? With no starting guideline, the finished product would probably be a bit of a mess. You might be able to live in it, but it likely wouldn’t be very efficient or attractive. It would also take longer and be more expensive.

The same concept applies to your meeting agenda. Why would you have a meeting without an agenda, or a blueprint? Yes, you may have a meeting, but will it be efficient? Attractive to guests? Or will it be a little haphazard and sloppy?

This workshop will look at the different ways to create and use a solid agenda to make your meetings more efficient, more fun, and more attractive to guests.

Join us on Sunday, April 24 from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Register Here.