Basecamp, Level Completion, and Home Club, Oh My!

Basecamp, Level Completion, and Home Club, Oh My!

by Greg Pick DTM Pathways Coordinator

How do Basecamp, Level Completion, and Home Club relate in Pathways – quite splendidly it turns out.  Let’s explore!

Basecamp – the online learning platform where members access their Pathways Learning Experience curriculum. There are tutorials for maneuvering around basecamp, and there is access to evaluation forms for each project.  Basecamp provides a personal record keeping system for the member’s benefit.  Members can access all levels in any Path and after completing the projects on a level can get a certificate of completion.

Level Completion – this tab appears after reading and completing the required tasks in a Pathways project. Completion includes the before and after assessments and may include delivering a speech about the experience related to completing the project. The level completion tab appears only after members properly complete the minimum number of projects.

Home Club (affects those who are members in multiple clubs and their respective basecamp managers) – members of multiple clubs can change their Home Club setting, but why would they need to do that? When a member selects a Home Club this affects who can see their Pathways curriculum progress and who can approve their Level Completion. This also determines which club gets the credit for progress toward DCP goals. The member has control of this setting. Members can use this setting however they wish.

Once a Home Club is set then the following occurs:

  • Base camp managers (Vice President Education, Secretary and President) for the selected club can view the member’s progress individually or when requesting a report.
  • Upon completing a level, the base camp managers at the selected Home Club receive an email informing them of the level completion request.

From the above descriptions, I hope you agree that there exists a logical and necessary relationship among Basecamp, Level Completion, and the Home Club settings.