A Plinth In The Corner – Toast, Roast, But Please Don’t Burn

A Plinth In The Corner – Toast, Roast, But Please Don’t Burn

by Dr. Prince Motiani, DTM

Welcome to the beginnings of the New Year!

My write up will cover toasting and roasting – and I’m not speaking of the stuff you put in the oven. Now that the holidays are behind us, please give your digestive system a little pause while you read what follows.

Whether it is a toast or a roast, it’s important for the speaker to research. That will require eyes, ears, and minds kept open. Filtering by key words is important when seeking specific information in an array of facts, data, and the world-wide web. If it is for a toast, and people know you are a Toastmaster, there will be no surprise. But if you’re planning a roast, spring it on the recipient like your uncle’s girlfriend hidden in his wedding cake… well, you get the picture. And yes, it has already been done. The roasting bit, I mean!

Secondly, it is paramount for the speaker to keep emotions under control. Even though on the inside you’re bubbling like a wildly shaken bottle of champaign, on the outside, you should be as calm as a bowl of pudding. How do you do that? There are many techniques. To find out which work for you, try a few shared by your fellow Toastmasters and mentors — that too is part of the preparation.

Finally, like any other time we take the stage, know your audience and the circumstances. Know what you will say and who will be there to hear you. You shouldn’t spill the beans about the stag party before the groom’s wedding. Unless it is a roast. Even then, you might want to leave the cheesy — and saucy — details out. For everyone’s comfort, amongst other reasons.

Happy toasting. And roasting. Cheers!