Your Secret to a Better Pathway’s Why

Your Secret to a Better Pathway’s Why

by Steven Timmons DTM

Do you know your why? I mean really understand your why. The chances are that if you are having trouble engaging in Pathways then you probably have a broken why.

Many begin with a why like “I want to be a better speaker,” “I want to communicate better,” “I want to build stronger relationships,” and the list goes on. The simple truth that is not your why. These reasons merely mask your true why. In the book Question Behind the Question, we learn that these answers lack personal accountability. Now you ponder if that is not IT then what IS my why ‑ that depends on you. Why do you want to do that thing that you say you want to do? What is your Question Behind the Question?  Maybe you want to support your family with more income. Maybe you want to build a house somewhere different. Maybe you want to take more frequent or exotic vacations for the rest of your life. You decide.

For example, when someone says they want to make more money and then turns on the television, we know that money is not a motivator. People usually don’t act because the “want to” is not supported by a purpose.  What do you want to do with that additional money? Identifying that for yourself, your Why, will motivate you to do what you need to do to get what you want.  Are you motivated to go on vacation to Athens?  Now we are talking!

To provide incentive, you can take pictures of Greece and plaster them all around you.  They will constantly remind you of places you plan to visit and activities you want to do on your next dream vacation. The next year you replace them with pictures of New Zealand. This provides powerful motivation.

Enter your online learning tool – Pathways. If your why is to build your communication skills to advance in the workplace to make more money and go on your dream vacation once or twice a year, can you see how that is so very different from being a better communicator.

With that in mind, are a few challenges in using Pathways really an overwhelming obstacle?  No, they melt away when you ask questions and understand how to access your opportunities in Pathways. How to properly use the tool to mine the information from the program. How to share with others your successes that pushed you forward to new and higher goals.

Just a little effort will allow you to properly use the tool for all that it is worth. That is what Pathways is, a tool.  You can print all the information from the Your Evaluation page in Pathways and use it just like when you had manuals. Or you can access your information directly online.  If you choose the option to access it online, evaluations can be sent electronically with email, or they can be printed out and completed at the meeting.

Belong to multiple clubs and/or work multiple paths. Any challenges can be mastered, and your completions properly recognized. Every club has three officers responsible to help you resolve any concerns or problems, or you can contact the district and they will be glad to help. A sure fallback is to reach out to Greg Pick, who is always available and ready to help members get resolution to their Pathways questions.

With a proper why and use of the powerful Pathways tool, you can create a roadmap to greater success in 2022 and beyond.  “Start with Why” the author Simon Sinek told the world.  Are you ready?