Jar of Abundance

Jar of Abundance

by Ankur Bora

I like the way you connect the speech to what happened to you in life and how it influenced your life. I read the handwritten note handed to me by a fellow Toastmaster when I finished my first speech. The words filled my heart. I attached her note to my desk and glanced at it often. It spurred me on to do an even better speech the next time.

My club, Highway to Excellence, has a tradition. At the end of a speech, the speaker is presented with a brown bag filled with handwritten notes of appreciation and positive feedback from participating members. They’re little encouraging mementos. The notes of appreciation I receive from Out On The Town members — another wonderful club I attend — always boost my morale and catapult me to speak at a higher level.

Over time, I’ve saved these notes of appreciation in a decorative jar which I call my Jar of Abundance.

Wow! You have truly transformed! I love how you paused and slowed down for emphasis; you always give meaningful speeches.

Every time I read these notes of appreciation I am filled with feelings of happiness, joy, and contentment.

Toastmasters is a place where praise, complements, and encouragement are lavished on speakers. It’s truly a place of abundance. Each meeting is a chance to encourage someone else as well as receive encouragement.

Friends let’s create and grow our Jars of Abundance. Let’s deliver exemplary speeches and celebrate our moments of glory.

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