What if You’re Wrong About Coaching?

What if You’re Wrong About Coaching?

By Robi Ley, DTM, Past District Director

It’s decision time. You have just a couple projects left to complete a DTM, and one of those is to be either a club coach or club mentor. Which do you choose? You’ve looked at your goals and know that you want to receive your DTM at the Spring Conference. Decision made. Mentor. That’s only a six-month commitment and gives you plenty time to wrap up all your loose ends.

Why didn’t you choose club coach? Is it really because of the time frame? Are you worried because your success depends on others? Have you heard that’s too difficult?

What if you’re wrong? What if it turns out to be the best ever leadership experience? Consider this; coaching a struggling club builds leadership skills you need in everyday life At work. At home. In your own club. You practice negotiation. Brain-storming. Conflict management. Goal setting; short- and long-term. Team building. Personnel development. All these skills are bound up in club coaching. The same skills you use to advance at work and make homelife a little smoother. Coaching isn’t any more of a challenge than what you already deal with.

Why the negative attitude toward coaching? It’s all about perspective. It’s one of the hardest roles in the district to fill. There is a huge shortage of members stepping up to coach. The impression; no one wants to do it so it must not be worth it. Again, what if you’re wrong?

The truth is coaching is not easy. It is not guaranteed. But it is absolutely worth every single hour you contribute to the process. There is an assignment procedure to help ensure you’re matched with a club you’ll be able to work with well. The club wants your help. That’s one of their requirements for getting a coach. You will be needed.

Maybe you won’t complete that assignment in time to walk in the DTM ceremony at the Spring Conference. Why is that part of the equation? You may have a perfectly valid reason for that personal deadline, but make sure it is valid. Don’t let an arbitrary idea prevent you from taking on what could be the single best ever leadership experience of your Toastmasters journey. Take a chance on yourself. Trust yourself. Take on the role that isn’t guaranteed and make it your own. You’re enough.

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