“Got Members! ReMix”

“Got Members! ReMix”

by Marcheta Gardner, DTM Club Growth Director

Friday, October 16 we held a second round of “Got Members! ReMix” to highlight tips for attracting and retaining members!  Marcheta Gardner, D25 Club Growth Director and the Club Growth Team leveraged information from the DEC as well as information drawn from the Growing Members Manual from TI!  This was a nice mix of here’s what’s in the manual, life experience, and sharing from the 25+ participants!

Feedback from the chat during the session expressed gratitude for sharing the information and let the team know this was helpful. We had lots of thanks for doing this again!

Aldria Ferreira, Pres Microsoft Toasters 365, had this to say: “The “Club Success Workshop” was great. It did give me the opportunity to review some points that I have learned during our Officers Training. It helped me to remember some of the actions that I need to take in order to grow our club. I hope we have more of these workshops between the regular Officers Training. Thank you very much for this initiative.”

it was our pleasure to share!  Please stay tuned for more tips and sharing through the Club Growth Team and others throughout the District in the coming months!