Club Suspension and Reinstatement

Club Suspension and Reinstatement

Toastmasters International sent following information to Club Officers regarding club suspension and reinstatement.


October 19, 2020

Dear Club Officers,

As the effects of COVID-19 have continued to evolve, so have our clubs and members. We have heard from many club officers around the world about the creative ways they have adapted, using new and innovative methods to increase membership and engage members across virtual platforms. Due to continued restrictions on in-person meetings, clubs have also expressed challenges with encouraging prospective members to join and regular members to renew.

The pandemic has spanned two renewal periods and the Board of Directors is aware of the concerns club officers have in reaching the required renewal requirement to remain or return to good standing. To support clubs through this period that are still striving to reach that goal but may need additional assistance and time, the Board has approved the following exceptions, effective for the April 2020 and October 2020 renewal periods:

    Clubs are considered paid and in good standing when their dues have been received at World Headquarters for the April and October 2020 dues periods for a minimum of eight members, without three of those members needing to have been members of the club during the previous renewal period.

    Clubs that have not yet met the April 2020 renewal requirement will have an additional six (6) months to return to good standing before being suspended.

    Clubs that have been inactive for two (2) full dues renewal periods can reinstate in the following dues period when the following have been paid in full:

  1. Current dues for a minimum of eight (8) individual members;
  2. b. Any overdue account balance;
  3. And one of the following fees or dues:
  4. The reinstatement fee has been reduced to $100 USD (usually as high as $720 USD for clubs that reinstated after two periods of inactivity). This new fee is payable one time for the April 2020 or October 2020 dues cycle.
  5. Dues for all individual members in the club during the previous reporting period(s).


We understand the impact the pandemic continues to have on club meetings, and we hope these exceptions provide assistance in getting your club back to good standing. For any questions on these exceptions please reach out to our Club Quality Team at




Richard Peck, DTM                                                                Daniel Rex

2020-2021 International President                                    Chief Executive Officer

Toastmasters International                                                  Toastmasters International





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