Curtis Bauter – In Remembrance

Curtis Bauter – In Remembrance

by Greg Pick, friend

If we stay in one place long enough, the time will come to say goodbye to someone we’ve come to know. This week, I’ve done just that. Curtis Bauter, DTM recently passed but will forever be remembered as a patriot, dedicated Area Director, and friend. I first met Curtis in 2013 when he and I, together with his daughter Susan Gardner, worked to resuscitate a struggling club.  From that first meeting, our paths continued to be intertwined.  Curtis’s no‑nonsense, practical approach to life uplifted everyone around him.  No matter the activity – conducting a meeting, staging a contest, or conducting training, Curtis made us better by being a class example of how to be a class act.  Curtis always used encouraging words that naturally led individuals to recognize their strengths and do their best.  He was quick with a smile and a relevant anecdote that added to his charm and caring heart.  He did not hold back his opinion nor ideas on how we could and should behave when leading others.  He did not accommodate indecision or fence-sitting. His gruff exterior, however, only served to highlight his warm heart and deep friendships. It was my honor to know Curtis – he is already missed.

In lieu of flowers, Susan has asked for memorials to be sent to Mission Wolf, an organization that was very dear to her and Curt.


Greg Pick, friend