by Dennis Regan, DTM – Summit Education Chair

District 25 is preparing for the annual Summit which will be held November 7th at White’s Chapel in Southlake. The Summit is a unique event which is designed FOR the members and BY the members. The theme this year is Two Steps Forward. This is an opportunity for you, the District 25 toastmaster member to share your knowledge, your skills, even your ideas with other members of the District.

The Summit Committee is looking for several individuals who are willing to take those Two Steps Forward to share their knowledge and insight by leading an education session. A few recommended topics are listed here, and there are more suggestions and much more information on the presenter application which can be found at

Road to Pathways DTM
Stepping into Leadership
The Value of Procedure
Making the most out of Evaluations

Join us in improving the already high quality of District 25 by applying for one of these unique presenting opportunities. Remember it is likely that this could also be used to complete an advanced project in your current path.

More information about the Summit will be soon available at