It’s About Community

It’s About Community

by Fursey Gotuaco, EH3

D25 had a workshop about membership…. but it was really about community…

Branon led the workshop like a champ!  But he worked it like a community.

The PowerPoint was our guide but it was open for all contributions…. like a community….

The chat to the side allowed all to contribute – answers, questions, and compliments…. a community.

From miles away we joined from screen to screen…. A unifying vision and goal…. the epitome of a community…

When you have the perfect mix of those who know, those who want to learn, those with answers, those who want to share, and this who are willing to listen no matter what side of the screen they are sitting…. that’s community!

The four pillars say:


When done together, we RISE…. The 5th should be COMMUNITY…. Because when we all work together like we did at the workshop, we ALL rise together as a COMMUNITY!

We will run our marathon as a community… If you want to go fast, then go by yourself but if you want to go far then go together… COMMUNITY!

We will bring in new members to add to our D25 community….While retaining our present members to grow our community.

We will develop our mentors who will be the leaders who will make us strong as community….

In District 25 we are growing people, growing leaders, growing clubs, and growing communities…..

Communities of learning
Communities of leading
A D25 community.

Membership and Marketing Resources (Including Virtual Guest Packet)