Celebrating You! – Under the Sea

Celebrating You! – Under the Sea

by Jesse Ford, DL2, Logistics Manager


What could possibly be better than a whole Toastmasters year spent “Celebrating You”?

I know…One more night of it!

On August 29th “while we devotin, full time to floatin UNDER THE SEA!” Obviously I’ve spent too much time with Jamie and her famous “musical tourettes.”  The important part is that August 29th is our Annual Awards Banquet with the theme, you guessed it…” Celebrating You, Under The Sea.”

If you thought we celebrated throughout the year just wait and see…”Darling it’s better, down where its wetter, take it from me…” As always we will have a fine meal, publicly acknowledge all the awards and accomplishments of the district, division, areas, clubs and members we all achieved this last year.  Joyce Trimble and Jill Morrison our “co-porpoises” have some great things planned so don’t miss your chance to come celebrate. “Down here all the fish is happy, As off through the waves they roll. The fish on the land ain’t happy. They sad ‘cause they in their bowl…”I must go see a doctor about this musical tourettes issue.

Registration opens Wednesday 7/1 to get in with the lowest cost. Ok last one…“Each little clam here, know how to jam here, under the sea.” Hope to see you at our Annual Awards Banquet. Looking forward to “Celebrating You, 70 Years Strong” while “Under the Sea.”