Leadership is all its quacked up to be and more!

Leadership is all its quacked up to be and more!

By Jamie, DTM, District Director

The biggest question asked this contest season isn’t “can you hear me ok” or even “what’s Zoom”, no it’s “what’s the deal with the duck?!?”

Well, I’ll tell you what’s the deal with the duck!

The ‘Tell it to the Duck’ concept started in IT.  Often code developers work alone or odd hours and find themselves searching for someone to bounce ideas off of.  Maybe they ran into a problem they can’t fix, or they want to know if their solution is a good idea and there is no soul around to help.

Enter the Duck.

The Duck gives a face, an innocent couldn’t hurt a soul cutsie wootsie face, but a face none the less to talk to.   Once the developer starts to tell the Duck the issue, just  like magic, a solution appears.  This magic happens from simply getting the thoughts out of your head and spoken out loud where the solution can present itself.  Just like magic.

In leadership we can find ourselves in these exact same situations; unsure of a solution or can’t see one.  Enter the Duck to save the day!

D25 is giving a Duck to each Area and Division Director for their work this contest season as a thank you and to help ensure they can get a little magic when they need it.

Next time you’re stuck, pick up Ernie’s best friend Mr. Rubber Ducky and watch the magic as you Tell it to the Duck.