Let the Contest Begin!

Let the Contest Begin!

By Diana Pittman, DTM

(Note:  Not Diana Patton – difference Pitter/Patter)


Remember the early cautionary suggestion to Social Distant from others?  Imagine that moment was our last in-person Toastmasters club meeting. The last time to see our weekly club members, no more anticipation of our monthly dinners, no more hugging our good friends, and an end to our physical closeness.  This day would be our club contest.

Note: No shaking hands took place in the making of this contest.  Members and guests strategically seated away from each other.  We had a full house with twenty-one attendees!  Excitement was in the air.  “Let the Contest Begin!”

Remember when we shook hands?  Today we borrowed from the book, Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands, and we bowed slightly to show respect and transfer control of the lectern.  There was a lot of bowing during the contest, and we had one funny exception.

Every club has personality, and our Club President exemplified our club culture.  Tim Waller revealed his inner Texas Rebel by presenting an additional greeting.  Our Club President raised his hand to his forehead and slightly tipped his imaginary hat (possibly Cowboy or Fedora) then tilted his head to show he knew how to gesture.  I’m not sure if his greeting combination included a wink of the eye with his quick kick of his shoes (possibly boots).  His smooth combination received applauds.  We were off to a great start.  The applauds and laughter were right on queue the entire contest!  I Admire our Creative Club Culture.

During the contest the bows were abundant, judges were fair, test speaker was engaging, evaluators were helpful, and all contestants shined with smiles and personality.

I am excited to report our active club had five Contestants in each contest!  Calculate five contestants multiplied by two contests, equals 10 judged speeches during the contest. Now, add one fabulously humorous test speaker (Susan Hastings), and our running total is 11 speeches. Thank you to an active club willing to participate and contribute to enhance our Toastmasters experience. We believe Toastmasters is Building a Better Me.

P.S. I am still bowing today.  I am not sure why, but everyone wanted Wonton Soup and Egg Rolls after the contest.