How to help another club!

How to help another club!

By Susan Carson, DTM, Club Retention Chair


Have you become a better leader and communicator because of Toastmasters?
Would you like to become even better?
Would you like to give back to the organization to help others grow just like you did? 

If you answered yes – then join Helping Hands or volunteer to serve as a Club Coach and help a struggling Toastmasters club.

Helping Hands is a great program in District 25.  It gives you the chance to bring your toastmaster skills and experience to assist a club in distress. The program only requires that you attend 4 meetings.  Just enough time to give the club a taste of success you have known!

If you truly want to give more – consider volunteering to serve as a coach – to strengthen a club to become distinguished.  This is your opportunity to help a club that is struggling to reach distinguished.  This program can require up to 2 years commitment.

Help us fulfill our District Toastmaster’s Mission:
We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

And help each of us to become the best leaders and communicators we can be!

Please contact me if you want to sign up or just have some questions.

Susan Carson, DTM
Club Retention Chair

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Susan Carson, DTM, Club Retention Chair