DTM Dreams

DTM Dreams

By Andra Beatty, Area 42 Director 2018-2019

 I remember the moment I heard the exciting news about the Toastmasters Pathways program.
We were all excited, a little apprehensive because the words changed, and modernization was involved.
After all Toastmasters had not made a major education change since 1924.

What would we do; how would we learn without a book in our hand and how would this affect individual Toastmaster members?

I quickly found out the answer to question # 3.
July 2020 is the deadline date with no extensions.
Many of us were now facing a  challenging education completion deadline. In 2015 I had started on this  Toastmaster path with long-term education goals and timelines.

I needed a new plan and some brilliant people to guide me. I had a lot to accomplish in a very short time.

I want to thank those who stepped up to come alongside me and guide me through.
Most of all I would like to thank Susan Carson, Tammy Kasterke, Sherri Terrando,  Elizabeth Meadows, Colleyville Toastmasters, and Top of Texas Toastmasters.
I could not have made it this far in one year without all your help.

In one year, I completed my High Performance Leadership project,  Advanced Communicator Silver and, Advanced Communicator Gold.

My very last step on the road to DTM is to complete one more task for Advanced Leader Silver. I need to serve as a Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach. I thought this last task would be the easiest to complete. I mistakenly thought Club mentors were helpers at three or four meetings.
Sadly, I learned at a January TLI that it is a 6-month commitment and there were no opportunities available.

I must admit that I shed more than my share of tears when I realized the limited opportunities for serving as a mentor to a club.  It was devastating to realize that I might not reach my final goal because time would soon run out.

I have not given up completely. Throughout this process, Chris Raneri has encouraged me to start a new club. While I was waiting and hoping for a mentorship opportunity, I took his advice and reached out to a group of people I thought would have an excellent opportunity to start a new and successful Toastmaster Club. They were very open to my suggestions and I am looking forward to our first demo meeting on August 1st.

My lesson learned is to never give up and to keep seeking the wisdom and advice from others who have gone before us in this Toastmaster Journey.

With the grace of God and thanks to the help of a few toastmaster friends . I pray my July 2020 DTM Dreams will be counted among my blessings and successes.

Andra Beatty, Area 42 Director 2018-2019