From the Conference Chair…

From the Conference Chair…

By Ninfa Flewitt, DTM, Conference Chair

It is from the bottom of my heart that I want to thank you all for attending our conference. It has been my pleasure to be your Conference Chair.  We did it!  We dared to dream that you would be here, you showed up in mass! We dared to dream that you would find value in our conference. I hope you did. We dared to dream that you would impact each other with your presence.  You impacted me.

I want to recognize the Dream Team.  Without them, none of this would have happened.  Judy Gaman, as your Education Chair, lined up the amazing speakers we had this weekend. Sushma Kanugo, who had never attended a D25 Annual Conference before, stepped up to chair the First Timers event! Friends, we had 137 first timers!!  Way to go YOU for showing up! Nicole Gray brought the Fun Friday Night! How about that lip sync contest!? An amazing event from another first timer!

I dare not forget those who have served before. Diana Patton kept me in line and on track as Registration Chair and Webmaster! Dennis Regan, Steven Timmons, Chuck and Terry Mencke, and Bonne Stroman who have all served the district well, kept things going with their contributions to each event as chairs. Wendy Alston, despite having a wedding to attend in the middle of the conference, made sure all the decorations were in place for us first! Thank you, Wendy! Laura Stewart was responsible for the programs for the weekend. Greg Pick, who is a veteran conference helper, chaired a new committee this year. If you served on the clean-up committee, thank you!

Vanessa Rivera created the amazing PowerPoint Presentations for the weekend. Emily Murray reluctantly accepted the Sponsorship Chair and secured wonderful packages for the Silent Auction and sponsorships to help fund this event!! Diana Pittman made sure the hospitality room was stocked and that everyone who came in felt welcome!

Bill Smith secured all the volunteers who have helped over the weekend. The DTM Co-Chairs Allan Pickering and Joyce Trimble, you guys are amazing! Elizabeth Gray and Les Condit, the contests were incredible! Larry Core, Finance Manager, made sure all the bills were paid (on time) and was supportive in all aspects.

Reggie Clinton, Facilities Chair, and Charlie the District’s Logistics Manager…  made sure every little thing was in place and Charlie did some of that work from the hospital!  When things are over, I like to say that at least no one died, but Charlie, you gave us a scare! I am glad you were with us for the conference! Godfred Ahuma supported us along with way with his technical skills and preparation of the lectern books.

The Trio was supportive in every way, stepping in to place orders and bounce ideas around, even on days when I was not feeling very inspired, Jamie, Chris, and Robi, you talked me through the days I needed it most. Thank you all, my friends! Thank you to all who volunteered or because of your service to the District were on the committee. You are all GREATLY appreciated!

Last, but by no means least, I want to thank my husband, Alan, and my sister, Terri Turner. Alan let me take the time I needed to be sure this event happened.  He took care of things around the house (specifically, our 7-year-old son) and made sure that my commitment to you was met. Thank you, Alan.  Terri was where she has been all my life, right by my side, making things happen! The goodies in your bags were her doing! Thanks, Sister!

The Dream Team 2019 made this event happen for you.  If you get a chance, say, “Thank you!” I know I can never say it enough!

Keep dreaming the dreams, friends, and dare to make them happen!