Love Your Club?

Love Your Club?

Diana Patton & Bonne Stroman

Roses are red; violets are blue!
I love my club, and so will you!
Just tell us why your club’s the best,
And we will share with all the rest!
Applaud your club, say what you think,
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But don’t be too wordy!
A blurb–150 words, or maybe 130!
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Example of submission 2/15/2018
by Bonne Stoman, H-i-g-h-w-a-y  t-o  E-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-c-e Club

Heart—Caring about each other and sharing bonds of friendship

Integrity—Behaving with the utmost integrity in all things Toastmasters and beyond

Genuine—Offering genuine, honest, but encouraging speech evaluations

Helpful—Volunteering for events and roles beyond the club level

Well Run—Conducting meetings on a professional level

Achievement—Honoring our President’s Distinguished status since 2013

Yes We Can— Making the impossible possible with our “can-do attitude”

Teaching— Developing new insights and skills in 30-minute workshop sessions

Outstanding— Delivering well-planned advanced speeches with style

Established—Including a core of dedicated, long-term members

eXcitement—Wanting to share the value of our club with others

Confident—Fostering excellence in performance of meeting roles

Enrichment—Assuring that every meeting results in added value

Leadership—Developing strong leaders for our District and our community

Like-Minded—Sharing a love of all things Toastmasters

Entertaining—Having fun even with those module speeches

Noteworthy—Mentoring provided by current and past District leaders

Creative—Practicing unique approaches to speech development

Effective—Focusing on excellence in communication and leadership