Sharing Responsibility

Sharing Responsibility

Joyce Trimble, DTM

“There is no I in Teamwork.”  “No Man is an Island.”  “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”  “Many hands make light work.”

We are familiar with the common Clichés about working together.  It is not until THAT MOMENT when your options become null and void – tough choices must be made.  Do we (I) often really understand the power they hold?

On January 4, I walked into my 12-noon appointment on a cane.  My friend asked, “What is that about?”  I am having some real dizziness problems. I even fell yesterday.  I have been sick for a week.  She looked at me and asked, “Do you need to be here?”  I have a busy afternoon, I have lots to do.  Again, she asked if I even need to be here.   I began to name the things that needed my immediate attention culminating at the TLI I had coordinated for the District.

Is there someone you call?  It was THAT MOMENT.  I didn’t have just one person to call, three came to mind immediately.  They are my friends, but more importantly, they are part of this family called Toastmasters where we must depend upon each other to become the best we can be.   On January 4 I needed to be the best self-care giver I could be.

I concluded my appointment and made the first call.  I explained to Kelly that I have been sick for a week.  I just can’t get there tonight.  Can you be the contact.   “I’m sorry Joyce, I have been sick all week as well.”   Call number 2, Vanessa?    Jesse was already in place for last minute technical issues.  The late-night responsibilities had been transferred.

I made it to the bank and was so glad I was able to get in and out and on my way home.  Ordering new glasses had to wait.   I was done.

This really isn’t an official thank you to Kelly Pelkey, Vanessa Rivera or Jesse Forde, but a reminder to each of us that we are part of a huge family.  A family that we spend quality time developing and helping to prepare for their New Directions New Destinations.    It is a real-life reminder to me that stepping aside and letting the next leader shine is a good thing.  There is plenty of spotlight to shine on all of us.

As we prepare for the success of this Toastmaster year be reminded: We can’t and don’t have to do “this” alone. In fact, it is better shared.    You really will feel better!  Sleeping in the chair most of the afternoon did the trick.

I leave you with a new Cliché and one that embraces my thoughts on sharing responsibility:

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. ~H.E. Luccock