Consider Leadership

Consider Leadership

By Greg Pick, DTM, District Leadership Chair

For over 90 years the Toastmasters program has demonstrated its ability to develop and improve communication and leadership skills.

In addition to club officer positions, there are numerous leadership opportunities within Toastmasters once you venture outside your club.  The various positions will improve skills you already have, foster new skills, and you may discover skills you never thought about!

While on my Toastmasters journey, I served in many roles.  As my confidence and desire to develop additional strengths grew, I took on increasingly involved roles.  This journey led me to hold positions on committees, area, division and finally top district leadership positions.  Along the way, I was fortunate to have past district leaders and fellow members who helped me as mentors, coaches, and guides. Through holding each of these roles my skills improved as did my self–confidence – the journey changed my life.

Skills we learn in Toastmasters are directly transferable to our business and personal life.  Actively holding leadership roles improves performance at work, aids other volunteer organizations, and improves communication with your family.  I took too long to begin my journey as an area director!  Once I did, I kept saying “yes” and my journey took me to serving members as the District Director.

Opportunities are waiting for you!  We had a successful open house last year and you have another chance to hear first-hand about leadership.  Come to the Leadership Open House on January 19th and see what New Direction your future holds (click here for details).  Explore the different positions available and say “yes” to something new that challenges you to grow.  You will meet many more Toastmasters.  Leadership is work but also lots of fun.  If you can’t make the open house, please call me at (817) 504-2105 or email me at You can also talk to your area director and/or look at the District 25 website leadership page.

It’s your journey . . . I hope you consider including leadership opportunities provided at the area, division, and district levels.

Are YOU interested in District leadership?
Find out about leadership opportunities from our panel members – Marylee Mims, Sheba Panicker, and Kim Story.

(Picture above is panel from November 17, 2018 Leadership Open House: Sheba Panicker, Bobby Madera, Marylee Mims, Greg Pick (Moderator))