Each Member Matters!

Each Member Matters!

By Bobby Madera, DTM, Division G Director

Why are we in Toastmasters? Why do we serve as Club and District Leaders? While we are striving to be better communicators and leaders, having a Member-focused outlook (Servant Leadership mindset) in everything we do significantly enhances our individual goals, enlightens our vision of Toastmasters mission, and increases our passion to help others achieve their goals. In fact, focusing on the importance of every member releases a level of personal growth that most of us did not know existed when we started our journey. Our capacity for personal growth increases each time we do something to serve our fellow members and each time we share the greatness of Toastmasters with someone else.

When we remember the first meeting we attended, the excitement we had when we joined, the nerves we felt before our first speech, our first experiences as Club and District leaders, and the challenges and uncertainty we have faced through it all, we are better equipped to truly focus on helping each member where they are in their journey. We are also able to help members see their potential to expand, contribute, and lead in club and district roles.

In the end, we are all members. When we serve each other and remember the importance of remaining member-focused, we will continue to succeed and thrive. Whether we have been in Toastmasters for 20 years or joined yesterday, we all face challenges and experience successes. When we genuinely care for all members and each other, we will obtain continual growth in our journey and our wonderful District 25 will continue to grow in number and quality.

Grateful member of Toastmasters International and District 25,

Bobby Madera, DTM
Division G Director 2018-2019