How Many ‘Stars’ Are On Your DCP Ribbon?

How Many ‘Stars’ Are On Your DCP Ribbon?

By Diana Patton, DTM

We are about mid-way through our 2018-2019 Toastmaster year.  How is your club progressing to achieve Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals established from your Club Success Plan?

At the summer Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI) each club received a shiny red ribbon and set of stars to record when your members and club have completed DCP goals.

Each club received 10 small and one large star to go on the ribbon. As your club completes each DCP goal, place a star on your ribbon to mark this measure of your club’s success.

After the March 30 dues renewal, place the large star at the top when the club has met the membership
goal: Having 20 or more members or a net growth of 5 for clubs with a base of 12 or fewer.

You can see from picture above that the Southlake Club (having completed 7 goals as of December 10,) is well on their way to being a President’s Distinguished club for the twelfth consecutive year!!  (Outgoing and incoming Presidents and VP Education: Heather, Elizabeth, Nicole, Jennifer)

Adjustments may need to be made to your original plan to be distinguished or reminders to those member that made commitment to complete an education goal, register for TLI to check off that second part of goal #9 (minimum 4 officers trained each term).

One ribbon + 10 small stars + 1 BIG star = Distinguished!