You Have a New Member–What Are Their First Steps?

You Have a New Member–What Are Their First Steps?

By Greg Pick, DTM, Immediate Past District Director, Pathways Coordinator

This article helps club officers understand what guidance new members receive from Toastmasters International.  With this information we can better assist our new members get started on their Pathways journey.

Information from Toastmasters International

When an officer enters a new member’s information into Club Central, Toastmasters International sends the new member an email.  The email includes the contact number for Toastmasters International (720 439‑5050) and the email for Club and Member support (  The email provides information under the “Get Started” link that allows a member to:

  1. Set up an account password
  2. Verify your profile information
  3. Select your learning path

In addition, there are hyperlinks to the following items:

  • Toastmasters Facebook Group
  • Toastmaster Online Magazine
  • Member Testimonials

A sample email from Toastmasters International member services can be viewed click here. (10/3/19 – letter updated)

When we have knowledge of what the new member receives, officers, mentors, and fellow members can provide better advice and guidance to the new members.  Using this information to create informed club members will improve the quality of the club and help one another along their journey!