Becoming an Official “Traveling Toastmaster”

Becoming an Official “Traveling Toastmaster”

By Marylee Mims, Past District Governor

Toastmaster magazines have accompanied me on many journeys over the past few years.  Family and friends have taken pictures of me posing with a Toastmaster magazine in hopes of obtaining a quality picture that warranted submission for the Traveling Toastmaster section.   On a trip to Italy in March 2018, my friend took my picture near the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

In early November, I received notification that my picture had been chosen for the November 2018 issue of The Toastmaster!

These magazine pictures (successful or not)  prompted discussions with other travelers.  It allowed me to market the Toastmasters program as I was working toward the goal I’d set for myself!

If you have the desire to be included in the Traveling Toastmaster section, check details.

Check out page 10 of the November 2018 Traveling Toastmaster magazine.