A day in the Life of…

A day in the Life of…

By Joyce Trimble, DTM

A Day in the Life of the D25 Club Growth Director, who if elected would be the next year’s Program Quality Director with a new destination…The Summit….ended with two tired adventurers.  But Jamie Pickering was right, a first-time event would be fun.

What is a Summit? Where are going to have it? When are we having it?  We decided to start with the “where” to ensure we could find a place to host over 200 Toastmasters.  With an inaugural one-day event, we were no longer restricted to hotel sites.

“A Day in the Life of ” began armed with our matrix of possible sites.  We set off from Lewisville, the location of the contest us dedicated Toastmasters would attend that evening. We set off for site #1 which was a nearby convention center.   It was okay; plenty of interesting spots but the location was bland!  It stayed on our list just in case.  No Day in the “Life Of…” is complete without lunch, and Mexican food only makes it better.  We can never truly stop all work, so it was evitable when Jamie had to excuse herself to make a needed follow up call to a prospect club.

Continuing our multitasking, we were ahead of our planned schedule and a stop to a newly forming club was needed.  We answered, well Jamie answered, questions about new clubs and I listened.  And yes, the club chartered last year.  She wore a lot of hats that day.

Off to site #2…WOW!  The location was beautiful.  Our contact was professional and brought treats she knew I loved…Brie Cheese.  She was empowered to adjust menus and pricing as needed.  Rooms were easily assessable; dining area was huge and featured a stage for the world famous DTM ceremony.  It was perfect.  There was no need to keep the backup list, this was it! Only decision left was the small detail of WHEN.

Excited about our perfect location and a little road weary, we timed arrival at Casa Pickering perfectly for a short rest before leaving Benbrook to Lewisville, now joined by Allan Pickering.

A successful “A Day In the Life Of…” ended perfectly at the area contest.

Did I mention, the beautiful site?  The Norris Center in Downtown Fort Worth was booked for November 10.   History had been made, the first ever Summit would be held in Fort Worth.  So, Grab Your Backpack, Get your Compass, Travel By Map in a New Direction to D25’s New Destination…The Summit.