Calling All Toastmasters Testimonials

Calling All Toastmasters Testimonials

Do You Have a Message about What Toastmasters Has Done for You?

We invite you to share. We would love your testimonials for our YouTube and Facebook channels.

The process is simple.

Script out your message. Aim for around a minute more or less.

Pay attention to your background. A blank wall is good or a background that is not distracting at all. Don’t take it in the car or with an active background please.

Pay attention to your lighting. Positioning in front of a window with indirect light or in a fully lite room. Take a sample video to check your light before you do the final recording.

Try not to do a selfie. Prop the phone against something level with your position, or better yet, have a friend steady the phone while you speak.

Please set the phone in a landscape position. Landscape is a better format to upload to YouTube and Facebook.

Use your smartphone or a friends to record 1/2 minute to 1-1/2 minute message. You can of course practice, but it should be pretty quick to get this out.

This is a testimonial video done by Toastmasters International. Yours does not have to be this polished. However, it is an excellent example.

Nice background, great lighting, and excellent body posture. You feel like you are getting to know Meera without being in her face. See how much she connected in only 56 seconds.

Testimonials can take many forms: how has Toastmasters helped you meet your goals, give a before Toastmasters and after Toastmasters example, or share something that you could not do before joining Toastmasters.

Note: If you need to prop the phone against something and you have a buffer on the front and back to handle the phone. I have the tools to crop it to the appropriate length.

Send the video to Let me know if you have any issues with this.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to share.