Getting Back on Track with TLIs

Getting Back on Track with TLIs

by Ernestina Pinones, DTM

I was well on my way to achieving my second DTM when BAM! LIFE Happened.

I lost my job, I moved, I got sick and could no longer drive. I had to leave Toastmasters and all the comforts of home to start a new life in Oak Cliff, a new part of Dallas I did not know well.

After 7 years, I am finally on the Comeback Trail. I am much healthier and slowly learning to drive the roads again.

Because of that, I was ready for a challenge. I decided to join 629 Toastmasters to get my speaking skills back and reconnect with old friends.

I was asked to be VPPR and attended TLI in Fort Worth. This was my first trip to Fort Worth in 7 or 8 years. I am so glad I went. I saw some old friends and was surprised they recognized me!

I volunteered to help the TLI Chair. I took pictures and handed out business cards to everyone, inviting them to visit our club.

Today’s experience and connecting with Toastmasters has been a huge positive for me.

The biggest plus I met Lark Doley, the new Incoming International President, when I was Area and Division Governor in the Waco area–which proves that you meet some awesome people in Toastmasters!

Ernestina Pinones, DTM