My Education Journey

My Education Journey

by Les Condit, DTM

I wanted to make it to DTM very early on in my Toastmaster’s journey.

I was working at a steady pace toward education awards in my own club. Speeches and awards slowed down while I was doing 2 years of service for District 25, but I picked up speed once I completed those years.

I found that being a member of multiple clubs and being a club coach gave me plenty of speaking opportunities.

I finished all of the speeches for 2 DTMs but was still slowed down by the Mentoring requirement and the Workshop requirement for the ACG Awards. I had two years of service and had completed both a Club Mentor role and Club Coach role.

I was ready to go but it was agonizing that mentees were joining and then not really coming to meeting, let alone finishing three speeches.

Finally, I completed a workshop and a mentee completed the third speech to let me get my 1st DTM in November of 2017 and then I finished the requirements for the second one and I will be part of the DTM ceremony later today on Cinco de Mayo of 2018.

I look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge and capability with a future DTM under the Pathways education system and I challenge each of you to do the same.