Awards Ceremony

by Joyce Trimble


The anticipated yearly Awards Ceremony is in full engagement to provide an opportunity to surround yourself with friends and fellow club members. This year we are returning to the elegance of the Ridglea County Club in Fort Worth as we celebrate your personal journey, your club’s journey, and the District’s journey.

In February you were asked to let the District know how much you LOVE your club:
Roses are red; violets are blue!
I love my club, and so will you!

Two submissions were received from one club. One submission gave us a poem ending:
“We have worked together to be a success; Waco Texas Toasters are hands above the rest!”

A second submission from the same club was:
“My words don’t flow yet like the waters of some but give me time the best is yet come.”

You can refer to all of the heart felt submissions on the D25 website OR you can attend the Awards Ceremony and experience why they AND you love your club.

Registration opens June 24, 2018. Early registration until July 22 is $40. The Awards Registration Committee will attend TLI training sessions for your registration convenience. One event you JUST CAN’T MISS is the recognition our District Director Greg Pick will receive. If you have experienced the trio’s interactions and their fun-loving relationship, you can be confident in knowing the Roast he will receive as Robi Ley and Jamie Pickering combine their creative talents will keep you in stitches.

Come prepared to laugh, cheer, and celebrate the steps we have taken on OUR Journey.

Joyce Trimble, DTM
2018 D25 Awards Chair

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