A Big Step on the Road to DTM: Sponsor, Mentor or Coach?

To be a DTM, you must first be an ALS.

Achieving your Advanced Leader Silver takes some advance planning. It requires: 1) Serving as a district officer, 2) doing a High Performance Leadership project and 3) successfully fulfilling a sponsor, mentor or coach opportunity.

How do you become a sponsor, mentor or coach? These are three very different positions.

The sponsor helps get a new club started. This process may include:

  • Coming up with the idea for a new club yourself
  • Finding a lead to a group or company that wants a club
  • Determining who is the best person to contact or work with at the company
  • Getting the information to the Lt Governor Marketing for follow up
  • Participating in the demo meeting for the new group
  • Assisting with pre-charter meetings
  • Assisting the LGM with any other pre-charter tasks
  • After chartering, staying in touch with the club and assisting when needed to get it off to a good start
  • After chartering, turning in the signed sponsorship letter to get ALS credit.

The mentor is an advisor for a newly formed club. Responsibilities include:

  • Showing the club how to conduct quality meetings
  • Training the club officers, especially in how to use Club Central
  • Helping the members understand and fulfill the mission of the club.
  • More details are here: http://www.toastmasters.org/mentoraclub

The coach is an advisor for an existing club facing challenges. Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting a low-member club in adopting and executing a plan for membership growth and achievement of Distinguished Club goals
  • Guiding the club toward having strong meetings, which include manual speeches, lively Table Topics and strong, positive evaluations
  • Attending club meetings whenever possible and remaining with the club until the club achieves Distinguished Club status.

Let me know what your interest is, and your day, time, and geographic availability. I will try to match you with an appropriate opportunity. New opportunities come up often. Here’s what’s available now.

Mentors needed immediately:

  • 1st & 3rd Thursday, noon – Irving, near 114 and 161
  • Monday, noon – far north Fort Worth, near 170 and Park Vista Blvd

Mentors likely to be needed in near future:

  • Thursday or Friday, noon – downtown Fort Worth
  • Day/time not set – downtown Fort Worth

Coaches needed immediately:

  • Wednesdays, noon – Irving, northeast of DFW Airport
  • 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 2:00 pm – Fort Worth, just south of DFW Airport

Get in touch with me, Jodie Sanders, Lt Governor Marketing at jodiesanders@d25toastmasters.org if you are interested or need more information.


by Jodie Sanders