Good meetings keep members coming

Are your meetings good enough to keep your members coming back?

Well-run meetings are at the top of the list in retaining members. People want to feel their time is not wasted. Our members deserve a meeting that is organized, starts and ends on time, and is fun and informative. 

Here’s another reason why is it so important for your meeting to make a good impression: It sets the stage for new members to join. Try never to cancel a meeting because a guest may pick that day to visit.

The club meeting provides an educational environment for learning and putting into practice the basics of Toastmasters. Some characteristics of a good meeting are:

  • It’s well prepared. Roles are confirmed in advance, a theme is announced, speech information and introductions are provided, evaluators have their speakers’ objectives, printed copies of the agenda are available, members have prepared for their roles.
  • It runs smoothly. Members arrive before starting time, the meeting begins and ends on time, the sections of the meeting stay within parameters.
  • Everyone has fun. Members are friendly and welcoming, comments are positive and helpful, spontaneity and humor are encouraged.

Does this describe your club? What are some of the things you think are key to keeping your members happy and engaged in your meetings?

Please post a comment with your thoughts.


By Cindy Hinckley