Why Expand our Club Numbers?

An important part of our Toastmasters Mission is to expand the network of clubs. Why are districts always trying to expand the number of clubs?  The answer is simple. As Toastmasters, we want as many people to enjoy the wonderful benefits of personal growth that we, current members, have experienced.

We currently have two prospective clubs that are planning to Charter the first part of September. Both will be corporate clubs.  N.E.C. is located in Irving and will meet on Wednesdays from 12 to 1pm. Aetna is located in Arlington and will meet Wednesdays from 4 to 5pm. Both clubs will need qualified mentors. Are you interested?


The best sales people for District 25 are YOU – the enthusiastic and satisfied Toastmasters members. If you know of a company, group, or individuals that would benefit from forming a club  please, contact me. If you know of people who wish to join an existing Toastmasters club, invite the individual to be a guest at your Toastmasters club meeting. It is fun to help sponsor a new club or bring new members into your club. It is an opportunity to touch another person’s life in a positive and lasting way.


September is a perfect month to identify a new club lead and turn that possibility into a new District 25 club!  Who is willing to meet this challenge?

Marylee Mims, DTM
Lt. Gov. Marketing

By Julie Costrove